Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Wreckin' Pit Records is the rather creative name that I'm giving the small distro that I'm starting up. You can buy stuff either from gigs, from thewreckingpit.bigcartel.com or by sending PayPal payments to michaeljohncraig@hotmail.com.

Below is some stuff I have available, but I will be adding to it.

All prices are negotiable, pay what you want (above cost) on PayPal to michaeljohncraig@hotmail.com or pay what I suggest at thewreckingpit.bigcartel.com.

This is not for profit, and anything above the minimum needed to cover costs will be going back to the bands and / or go back into putting on gigs / putting out CDs.

Wreckin' Pit Records: Volume 1 compilation CD £3-6 £1 UK P+P / £2 P+P Worldwide).

wpr: v1

1. The Rabble - Seeking
2. The Rabble - The Battle
3. The Rabble - City of Sin
4. The Stay Gones - No Rest...
5. The Stay Gones - Tales of an Ordinary Heartache
6. The Stay Gones - Sound of The Road
7. The Lie Detectors - Insomnia
8. The Lie Detectors - (Take me on Your) Flying Saucer
9. The Lie Detectors - Do You Wanna Dance?
10. Buzzbomb - Streets of Fire
11. Buzzbomb - Bleeding Out
12. Buzzbomb - Product of the Streets
13. The Murderburers - (I'll Always be a) Bottomfeeder
14. The Murderburgers - Retarded Girl
15. The Murderburgers - Sickness in my Head
16. Moral Dilemma - Someone Elses Lies
17. Moral Dilemma - The Bastard Sons
18. Moral Dilemma - Right to Remain Silent

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The Hijacks - Consuming Our Compassion EP. £2-3 (+£1 UK P+P / £2 P+P Worldwide).

The Hijacks

The Hijacks - Ska Punk from Aberdeen.


1. Wars, Invasions (Love Your Nation).

2. Repeating Yesterday.

3. Greed + Fear.

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The Hijacks - Free Your Mind. £2-3 (+£1 UK P+P / £2 P+P Worldwide).

The Hijacks

The Hijacks - Ska Punk from Aberdeen.


1. Victim! Ain't No Alternative.

2. Love Thy Labour.

3. Slow Down.

4. So Far From Sleep.

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Moral Dilemma - Agree to Disagree CD. £5-8 (+ £1 UK P+P / £2 P+P Worldwide).

Moral Dilemma

Second CD by London Street Punks Moral Dilemma.


1. Embrace The Rage.

2. Our Inheritance.

3. Nowhere Else To Go.

4. Under Surviellance.

5. Someone Else's Lies.

6. Wake up and see.

7. Scars.

8. The Revolution Will Be Televised.

9. Whats Won Is Lost.

10. Question all Authority.

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Moral Dilemma - Under Surveillance 7 inch. £3-5 (+ £1 UK P+P / £2 Worldwide P+P).

Moral Dilemma

Brand new 7 inch single.

Limited to 500 copies, hand numbered, pressed on clear vinyl, and with a free download coupon, which entitles you to a free download of all the songs on the record.

Tracks included:

A side : Under Surveillance/ Nowhere Else To Go

B side: Your Decadence will be our descent / Cayenne

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The Stay Gones vinyl style CD EP £2-4 (+ £1 UK P+P / £2 Worldwide P+P).

Stay Gones

Stay Gones

The Stay Gones - Gruff Melodic Punk Rock from Glasgow, for fans of Social Distorion, Nothington, Gaslight Anthem etc.

Beer Koozie, available in various colours.


1. No Rest...
2. Crookes Road.

3. How it is.

4. Home.

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TNS Records Volume 2 - Mainstream Music Is Shit. £3-5 (+ £1 UK P+P / £2 Worldwide P+P)


Double CD compilation of some of the UKs best Punk and Ska bands.



The Shadowcops - The Sleeper Awakes

Sounds of Swami - Bandwagon Hi-Jack

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man - Blackpool ROCK

Rising Strike - Force of Habit, Habit of Force

D'Corner Bois - Everything's a Mess

The Kirkz - Brain Dead

The Emos - Jason Bourne Ready

Dangerfields - Gimme Gimme Rock n' Roll

The Dead Reckoning - Heads Up

The Hyperjax - Talkin' New York City

The Great St Louis - Safe

The Nova Fives - Love Letters

Acid Drop - Polly Piper

Just Add Monsters - Discontent

Fair Do's - When It All Goes Wrong

The Dangerous Aces - Lock In

The Terrors - Disasters Only Get Worse?

SmackRats - Dead Men Don't Act Like Cunts

2 Sick Monkeys - Why?


Harijan - Portland Street

Cartoon Violence - Kite

Stand Out Riot - Speacesuit

John Player Specials - the Wilsonator

Jimmy the Squirrel - Seat Up High

The Hostiles - Bad Day For Shorts

The Hijacks - Greed and Fear

The Fractions - Down and Out

Sense of Urgency - Lowbrow

A War Against Sound - Premature Chokehold

Kickback UK - Reality Check

Faintest Idea - Why Don't Rich Kids Go War?

The Autonomads - Supermarket Sweep

Rasta4Eyes - Oscar and Arthur

Just Panic - Killer Fairytales

Los Salvadores - Empty Boxes

Bootscraper - There Will Be Blood

The Medicine Bow - This Side of Town (Train Song)

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The Terrors - Cathedral Screams Hauntings CD + T-Shirt deal. £4-6 (+ £1 UK P+P / £2 Worldwide P+P).


The Terrors - Cathedral Screams Hauntings.


The Terrors - Female Fronted Horror Influenced Punk Rock from Glasgow.


1. Rise & Wake.

2. (Let Them) Bleed.

3. Divide These Lines.

4. Decay.

5. Poison Minds.

6. Return.

7. The Cathedral.

8. Dead Friends.

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